Professional Landscape Installation



Once the final design plan has been approved by the client, we begin the work proceeds smoothly with very few (if any) delays. A step by step process is created to ensure that the work is completed on time with no overlapping or duplication of effort that could result in delays or unwanted expenses.






The Process

At Landscape Pros, we do not believe in cookie cutter solutions. Each project is different and is given our full attention to create a unique landscape that will add to the homeowner’s pleasure and invite compliments from all those who see it and  of course, adding value to the home is an integral part of the project.img { border-radius: 50%; }While each project is different, our normal installation process is based on:



  • Installing sited evergreen varieties to provide the needed screening and backdrop.
  • Then ornamental and specialty plants that add beauty and variety to the landscape and planted.
  • After this, flower beds, of both perennial and seasonal flowers, are created to provide the colors and counterpoints that highlight the focal areas of the landscape.
  • Once the primary installation is completed, the landscape is examined to ensure that the concept has been faithfully implemented and also to check if the completed project has any rough areas that need attention to provide for the beautiful and usable landscape the client expects. Any modifications that may be required are completed.
  • The completed landscape is then handed over to the client.
Landscape Installation 2

At every stage of the process, our experts are on site to ensure that the perfect landscape is created and that quality is never compromised. No detail is too small for us and we never take shortcuts that could affect the final outcome of the project.The landscape we create for you will add value to your home and it will increase the pleasure you get from living in it.

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