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The Complete Solution for all your Landscape and Hardscape Needs.

Landscape Pros is dedicated to providing the Great South Bay Area with higher quality Landscaping services for more than 20 years. We are a professional contractor that applies economical and practical design-building concepts to commercial and residential properties. We worry principally in the needs and wishes of our clients and so we arrange meetings with each of our clients as many times as it is necessary to find the perfect plan for the dreamscape that you deserve.

We are provided with qualified personnel, tools and modern machines. We use materials of high quality and our plants are perfectly selected in order to become with even more than our clients expect from us.

Landscape Pros has an extensive repertoire of landscape styles from classic gardens, international gardens up to the more innovated ideas and projection of future and new tendencies. Our goal is to offer each of our clients the maximum satisfaction with your ideas and our experience to deliver not only one beautiful garden in your property if not rather a real paradise in your own home so you and your family can enjoy and relax of the daily stress.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your landscaping needs, whether it’s for a new installation or an existing environment that needs more professional care. We will design the best plan for you for a lifetime of satisfaction.

Our Story

Landscape Pros was founded in 1994 by Martin Lemuz, ever since we have earned the respect from customers and colleagues in this industry. We strive to deliver quality jobs on every project we bid on. Communication with our valued clients is essential to maintain the good relationship. We continue to keep the company honest, providing excellent service and maintaining the good reputation. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring that dream landscape to life.

Martin Lemuz


Grown With Love on Our Farms

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Trevor D. William

Founding Farmer

Our Team

Everardo Mejía

We love that we do, with honesty and with high quality. I glad be part of Landscape Pros team's

Elizabeth Doval

We’d be happy to assist you with your project you have in mind. Call us today to schedule an appointment

Martin Lemuz


Consolidate ourselves as the ideal landscaping services company for the people of the Great South of the Bay, which applies economic, practical, high-quality design and construction concepts, including specialized maintenance plans according to the season of the year to commercial and residential properties.

Our purpose is to help our potential clients make their landscaping dreams come true. Listening and interpreting your needs and wishes to provide you with the best of our knowledge in the most perfect, well-conceived and innovative refined solution of your ideas for the enjoyment of your properties with family and friends.

Expand your imagination with us with facts based on our promises and you will see that at the end of each project you will finish writing our reality of fulfillment in your own words.



Grow to be the leading landscaping services company by accompanying and promoting the growth of the community to which we belong, and with which we are deeply committed.



Our client is the most important, we listen and we offer help spontaneously even in the smallest details.


We do our work beyond compliance, we use our capabilities to take as far as possible everything that has been entrusted to us


Solutions within the required time.


Constant communication with our clients, listening and interpreting their needs and wishes.


Quality Service, by Professionals.


We love what we do to improve what we offer.